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hi yes..Rhea has fallen to peer pressure and is creating a blog mainly because she's bored. In case you already didn't know I am 15, a sophomore, and friends with all you bunch of LOTR/HP/Anime loving freaks who already have blogs..not that I am not one of those freaks also..So in conclusion..here is my blog.



You are a Bard, a member of the musically and
poetically elite society in Ancient Ireland.
You soothe the people's need for creativity
with your songs and stories.

What Job Would You Have In 100B.C.?
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You belong to the six-winged Seraphim!
You are a a fierce warrior angel. The sword is
often your weapon of choice, but you are well
familiar with all other weapons and many kinds
of elemental magic, too. You would defend the
Heavens with your last feather and blood. Still
you are sometimes tempted by the darker
pathways, asking yourself if this is all
existence is about...

What kind of supernatural being are you?
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You are NEMO!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

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LOVE is your chinese symbol!

What Chinese Symbol Are You?
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okay now i defiantely feel andrew's pain.. i just spent 9 hours baby-sitting and i'm going back for more.. aaaa now i want to go back to school cuz i'm so freaking bored.. and don't even get me started on drivers ed..i want to KILL someone ack!... so please enjoy the results to my quizzes and the answers to any surveys that prolly will appear as a result of this disease called boredom


Life is Full of Opportunities...
There are many chances for new things to happen.
You can accept that they may be bad, but look
forward to the fact that they can be good.

What's Your Outlook On Life?
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Your Ideal Guy Is
The Beast

Who's Your Ideal Disney Guy?
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Emily and I have twin beast boyfriends!!!


You represent... kindness.
You represent... kindness.
You're a very gentle, kind, and caring individual.
You truely care about people and are generally
well-liked. Though sometimes you may be
perceived as weak, you truely have a strong
heart and a good desire to help others.

What feeling do you represent?
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Uriel: One of the busiest angels, one of prophecy
and creativity. Concidered to be
represenatative of the sun, and one of the most
beautiful archangels ever. Of course that could
just be vanity...

Which Angel Lays Within You?
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emily and i are twin angels of creativity!

You Are Orange.

(((~*~What Personality Color Are You?~*~)))
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all i can say is yay for peach girl! and most of it's true..except for the ppl thinking i'm a slut..she just got that off of peach girl..but i still heart it!

I am back from camp!!! wooooo and have started driver's ed..not so woooo but anywho here are some surveys and quizzes and stuff that i missed while i was gone


Ronald Weasley is your Hunk of Burnin' Love.
Ronald Weasley is your Hunk of Burnin' Love.

Who Is Your Gryffindor Hunk of Burnin' Love?
brought to you by Quizilla

awww yay for Ronnie! Weasley is our King! He didn't let the quaffle in! Weasley is our King!


(Sirius Black)

aww i love it! Sirius is the best..except it's really hard to choose cuz i heart all of them except for wormtail..why would u choose to turn into a rat anyway? and i sincerely hope they find some way to bring sirius back to life.. like gandalf!!! anywho.. i love the anime drawins up there 2.. which indeed inspires me to draw all the harry potter characters in that grand ol sketch book of mine! i haven't draw in a super long time but now i will!!! cuz there's nothing else to do!!!


ugh i'm getting so mad.. i keep calling kellie and jackie and they keep not returning my calls and i'm just so bored!!! especially kellie she's so busy with mike she doesn't even think to have the decency to even wonder what could rhea possibly be calling about? well maybe she just wants to talk to one of her best friends? or maybe it's simply because she just got her schedule and she wants to compare them.. is that so difficult for her to just give me 5 minutes of her time? i mean and i am not understanding why she feels the need to spend every hour every day with that lil.. ewww i mean she told me they were supposed to hang out saturday.. so i didn't call.. then sunday afternoon i called her and her dad said she was volunteering at the delplaine.. so i called sunday night oh and guess where she is with mike! and i just called like an hour ago and she's not home!!! and Jackie for goodness sake pick up the phone or get caller ID! don't use the answering machine to screen ur calls! i've now left like 3 messages on ur answering machine and u have yet to call back..and i just wanted to ask u about dance and to wish u luck on ur operation today.. i mean with all the comm tech that is out today why is it so difficult for u ppl to say i got ur message? and if it's just cuz u don't want to talk to me.. maybe u can just say that to my face.. or possibly over the phone...


001.name: Rhea
002.d.o.b.: January 15, 1988
003.location: Frederick, MD
004.religion: Jewish
005.occupation: Career Camp Aide hehe
001.hair: golden brown
002.eyes: hazel
003.height: 5'10"
001.clothing: stuff with details like my new fave jeans have flowers embroidered on the sides
002.music: r&b, pop, poprock
003.make up: foundation, black eyeliner, lip gloss
001.wearing: PJs! i have to laundry b4 i can get dressed
002.listening to: the silence
003.thinking of: this survey and how bored i am
001.bought: stuff from 7-11 w/ emily
002.ate & drank: root beer and pizza bagels
003.read: Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix
004.watched on tv: VH1 Top Twenty Countdown
001.club or house party: house
002.tea or coffee: coffee
003.achiever or slacker: achiever... well i try really hard to be at any rate..
004.beer or cider: cider
005.drinks or shots: drinks
006.cats or dogs: doggies!!
007.single or taken: both.. i'd go out with a guy if he asks..but i'm okay with being single 2
008.pen or pencil: both
009.gloves or mittens: gloves
010.food or candy: food! i'd get sick of candy after awhile
011.cassette or cd: CD
012.coke or pepsi: coke so much!
013.hard or mild alcohol: i guess mild..yeah...
014.matches or a lighter: don't matter none
015.sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful: dont care
016.Rickie lake or oprah winfrey: meh..
001.kill: evil leaders... we can think of a few can't we?
002.hear from: anybody!!! why isnt anyone home???
003.get really wasted with: no one. therefore not being wasted..
004.look like: meee
005.be like: i dunno...
006.avoid: people that would make me feel lower than i should
001.touched: myself..ahaha not like that silly ppl
002.talked to: kellie's answering machine
003.hugged: my mom
004.instant messaged: sharon
005.kissed: andrew
006.who broke your heart: andrew..stop with that please...
001.eat: on my couch in the living room
002.dance: in my room or my dance studio
003.cry: in my room
004.wish you were: anywhere
001.Dated one of your best friends? yes
002.Loved somebody so much it makes you cry? at the time i guess
003.Drank alcohol? yeah
005.Broken the law? well.. i guess having like 2 sips of alcohol under the age of 21 is breaking the law..so therefore everyone has broken the law
006.Ran away from home? ahah for like 15 minutes.. i walked around and then went to jenn's
007.Broken a bone? my right ring finger
008.Cheated on a test? blah..we were really bad this year..*wags finger at sharon and dan*
009.Skinny dipped? nope jackie.. i wanna!
010.Played Truth Or Dare? yup
011.Flashed someone? nope ewww kim
012.Mooned Someone? nope ewww andrew
013.Kissed someone you didn't know? nope
014.Been on a talk show/game show? no... maybe i'll be on the tv team for academic team next year..
015.Been in a fight? verbal.. yes
016.Ridden in a fire truck? i might have when i was lil
017.Been on a plane? yup lotsa times
018.Come close to dying? nope
019.Cheated on your Boy/Girlfriend? no
020.Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride? yup ahaha becca in the pool last year.. fun times
021.Eaten a worm/mud pie? with gummys an oreos yes. (hehe exactly em)
022.Swam in the ocean? yeah
023.Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up? yeah a few
001.The most embarrassing CD in your collection? umm ahaha i guess all my old BSB NSync and Britney Spears ones
002.Your bedroom like? big (it's the basement) a light mauve with a purplish star border
003.Your favorite thing for breakfast? i'm not a big breakfast person
004.Your favorite thing for lunch? a chicken club with bacon cheese and mayo.. fries.. and carrots and ranch
005.Your favorite thing for dinner? panda express!
006.Your favorite Restaurant? macaroni grill, panda express, ruby tuesdays
001.A Vegetarian?: nope.
002.A Good Student?: yup, although i do tend to procrastinate ><;;
003.Good At Sports?: not really
004.wakeboarding/snowboarding: they sound really fun.
005.A Good Singer?: i'm okay.. at least i don't sound completely awful like the american idol rejects
006.A good Actor/Actress? i'm okay
007.A deep sleeper?: omg i don't wake up for anything
008.A Good Dancer?: i better be! i've been taking lessons since i was 7!
009.Shy?: not really
010.Outgoing?: when i really want something
011.A good storyteller?: kinda yeah
012.Last words?: i'm soooo bored

Wow! Excellent job. Dumbledore would be proud ^_^

Order of the Phoenix Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

Yay! I finished it last night! I love Neville so much now! mehehe but anywho.. u must read.. it is so gooood!!!


I would like to point out to emily that my blog name is getoutofmyhead..not the title of my blog which she entered in..so indeed here is the results.. but in any case it seems my temperment is always steely and how can i be steely when my personality is sunshine and blue skies? oh well i'll leave u to ponder...

Magic Number15
PersonalitySunshine And Blue Skies
Likely To WinA Swimming Badge
Me - In A WordDivine
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You are a Hippie. Wow.

What kind of Sixties Person are you?
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hehe some randomness from emily

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